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About us
What/ who is 3ST?

3ST is a charitable organisation that collaborates with groups of like-minded charities across North West London. We aim to support the third sector in developing, expanding, and providing links between them and health, the ICS, and social care so that they may support the wider community and help reduce health inequalities.

What services do 3ST provide ?

3ST is the endorsed NWL ICS VSCE Alliance. We support engagement with the ICS at all levels – Integrated Care Board, Placed Based Partnership, and Primary Care Networks.  This includes representative roles at all ICB Boards. 

3ST supports third sector organisations and groups to secure funding and hold contracts for new services to further support their communities, with a focus on reducing health inequalities across NWL. 

How do you operate?

3ST has a supported membership structure that enables us to work at all levels of the ICS. Each borough has 4 locally elected roles that sit on the 3ST Strategic Group.  This always includes the local infrastructure body to help with wider borough engagement. From the Strategic Group, we have an Executive Group, that furthers the aims and objectives of the organisation. Representative roles at ICS are secured through a clear and transparent process. 

In addition, we act as a contract vehicle to support partnership working across the wider 3ST membership to deliver services for the benefit of residents. 

Do you support indidviduals or organisations?

3ST support VCSE organisations / groups (Voluntary, Community, Social Enterprise) and do not provide services to individuals.  

Who can I contact for more information?

You can complete our enquiry form on the ‘Contact us’ page, and your enquiry will go to the most appropriate person to support you. Due to the nature of how 3ST operates, there is no central phone number, but you can select from the appropriate departments to contact if you require a telephone call.

What is ithe waiting time to hear back from an enquiry?

Someone from our team will aim to response within 5 working days depending on the urgency of the enquiry. 

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Do I need to pay for membership?

No, Membership is completely free!

What is the purpose of getting membership?

To participate and collaborate in resource sharing, community development and create links between various key partners, the ICS,  VCSE organisations and groups. This in turn could support your organisation with resources, funding support, and potential growth to support your communities.  

Do you support indidviduals or organisations?

3ST support VCSE organisations / groups (Voluntary, Community, Social Enterprise) and do not provide services to individuals.  

Who can reigster for membership

VCSE organisations of any size, health partners e.g., Health care partners, Integrated Health Board. Key individuals can register their organisation, and they will be responsible for accessing, sharing, and communicating with the portal. 

How many people from the same organsiation reigster for memebership?

It is recommended that between 1 and 3 key people per organisation register, however, there is a limit of up to 10 people per organisation. This is because some organisations may vary in staff size, and we would like to keep an equilibrium between participation and contribution. 

Is everyone that applies for membership accepted

3ST reserve the right to deny, limit, or reject access to membership if felt that the organisation or individual registering does not meet the criteria as outlined on our membership page or no longer works for the organisation they have registered.

What happens when someone leaves their organiation and is still a member?

All members, to the best of their ability, must ensure they have the cooperation of their organisation to register as a member, and therefore, once they have left, inform us so we can restrict / terminate membership of the individual. 
The termination details are outlined in our ‘Terms & Conditions’ here – which you must accept before registering.

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Systems Operation & Administration

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Is membership access limited?

Yes, the membership registration forms are monitored and reviewed before membership is accepted and depending on the organisation, you will be given access relevant to the organisation agreements and partnerships. Full access is reserved for active organisations who are already strategic partners within 3ST. For more information about access levels.

Can I contact other members? If so, how?

Yes, when you’re a member, there is an internal ‘chat’ box function which will allow you to interact with other members. Simply type in the organisation you wish to contact or click ‘All members’ and wait for a response.  (can the chat box have an option of a member – maybe a self-populating list of orgs that are registered? And an option that says ‘all’?).

How will information be used?

Using analytical tools provided by Wix software and our web development team, we will collect data to better understand the journey of members with how they interact and use the membership portal. Data collected will then be used in regular reports and reviews internally so we can better support our members and their user experience. 

What data will you collect?

•    Ogranisation details (as specified on the registration form), 
•    Documents and libraries accessed and shared by organisation,
•    Membership portal access (how often you log on and for how long),
•    Resources accessed, for example training. 
•    Contract reporting data. 
•    Which level of access your organisation has.

Data we do NOT use: The individual’s first and last name and email address. No personal information is required for the use of our data collection. 

Can I share resources among members?

Yes, we actually encourage it! The idea of this portal is to find a user friendly and efficient way for VCSE organisations and groups to share resources and network with one another. 3ST will always encourage collaboration over siloed working and it is a key part of why the membership portal was developed. 

If I'm having technical issues with the portal who can I contact?

Please select the 'Contact Us' and complete an enquiry form and our team will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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