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Working together, we have made significant strides in developing the VCSE partnership.

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Accelerating Impact

  • Agreeing on a working model that takes a three-tier approach to sector development – download our 3ST Structure document below.

  • Developing and signing off on a set of Governing and Joint Working Principles. Download our principles below.

  • Securing recognition by the Integrated Care System (ICS) and seats on the main ICS Board and other Boards that make up the new North West London (NWL) structure.

  • Appointing a small Leadership team that reports to the wider group of charities and leads the NWL work in particular.

  • Inclusion in the national NHS England Third Sector Leadership program, which brings an investment of 18 months of funding to support our development.

  • Appeared as a case study for NHS England (NHSE) and showcased our work at a range of workshops and learning events. Download the 3ST NHSE Case study below.

  • Tested our joint work by developing a pan-NWL, programmatic series of three bids to the NHS Charities Together Fund. Whilst not all were successful it was a useful exercise to test our joint working and shared decision-making

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Experienced Leadership

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