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Our structure has been designed to mirror that of the external stakeholders we most commonly interact with - the NHS and local authorities. It also reflects the diverse range of organisations we represent with regional, borough and neighbourhood level groups. This ensures we develop and maintain effective, transparent communication channels, so that all organisations have a voice, regardless of size.

Our structure...


Strategic Group

The 3ST Strategic group started life as a 24-member group with three representatives from each of the eight boroughs in NW London. The strategic group supports the leadership group, conducts borough level strategic activity and supports communication with the wider sector in each borough.


Membership consists of infrastructure support bodies as well as delivery partners to ensure we can access established communication channels and the support that these bodies offer for smaller groups and organisations. In order to ensure strong representation, the 24 member plans have largely been shelved in favour of a more open approach to membership to accommodate new members covering new specialties and areas of service delivery.


The main criteria for membership is that members have the strategic understanding required to engage at a systems level and the capacity to release senior management time in support of our collective endeavours.

Leadership Group

The 3ST Leadership team is a smaller executive group, responsible for regional strategic and income generation activity and with oversight of borough and neighbourhood activity. It meets monthly and regularly invites key individuals from the NWL Integrated Care System to share in its discussions and our development.


The leadership group will develop and maintain regional relationships with the NHS’s Integrated Care System structures, representing the sector on relevant groups and Boards.  They will work on the group’s behalf to influence commissioning strategy, as well as ensuring that all activity is inclusive.


Members are selected by the Strategic Group.

Strategic Group Members

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Leadership Group Members

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